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At Trosa Havsbad & Camping, Algoth is located on Udden. The archipelago tavern opened its doors for the first time in the summer of 2022. A new archipelago tavern with a range of food, coffee and drinks to suit everyone. Here you are in the middle of the archipelago idyll with a panoramic view of kobbar and skerries.

The large outdoor dining area is located next to the shoreline and invites you to a seated dinner, a good lunch or a glass in the evening sun. Places are also available inside our glazed terraces, furnished with both dining tables and sofa groups.

The legend of Algoth Niska is mythical and filled with stories that make one dream away to another time. A time when the archipelago and the open seas lived by their own laws and where those with the most seafaring experience and the deepest knowledge of cobbles and shards became the most successful.

Algoth was a well-liked and well-known sea captain who, during the Finnish prohibition era, smuggled liquor from coastal towns in Sweden and the current Baltic Sea to Finland. Legend has it that the Trosa Archipelago was one of Algoth's haunts and that the shoals around Julafton's lighthouse were popular places to sink liquor canisters under the water's surface out of sight of patrolling customs officers.

After Prohibition ended in the 1930s, Algoth used his smuggling skills to help Jews escape Nazism.

At the place where we now open Algoth on the Udden, we see in front of us that Algoth has come ashore from time to time to feel the ground under his feet and breathe out between journeys.

Welcome to Algoth på Udden - The new archipelago pub in Trosa.

Sneaky premiere of the Ascension weekend in 2024.


Trosa's most beautiful view!  


Rävuddsvägen 42

619 31 PANTIES

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